Kick-off Meeting Procedures and Checklist

  • hello-my-name-is-sticker

    Start with team icebreakers to initiate the team-building process.

    • Have team members introduce themselves and talk about their area(s) of expertise.


  • person-waving

    Introduce the team leader or project manager.

  • scope-target

    Define the objectives and scope of the project

    • What is the purpose of this project? Answer the question, “Why does it matter to the group?”
    • What does a successful outcome look like? How is success measured for the overall team and for team members?
    • Share the goals and vision statement of the project.

  • project-plan

    Initial project plan

    • What needs to be done immediately to start the project and to build momentum?

  • Clarify project requirements

    • What needs to be accomplished for the project to be completed?
    • Does the project move in phases? If so, what are those phases? Do responsibilities shift in those phases?

  • team-agreement

    Clarify Role Requirements

    • What responsibilities will different team members have?
    • Clarify this point sooner rather than later so members feel like the division of labor is fair and equitable.


  • present-plan

    Present the Project Plan

  • project-timeline

    Present a timeline that includes milestones for team members to track progress

  • hands-in

    Get Team Commitment

    • Have something that team members can read and individually sign.
    • Formalize a working relationship (see team charters).


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  • Atlassian Team Playbook: Project Kick-Off

From the Penn State Team Science website: