Other things that foster trust among team members

  • “Hold weekly data meetings or case conferences--be sure that all team members have the opportunity to present data and receive feedback
  • Model and teach team members how to give feedback that is both complementary and constructive
  • Encourage scholarly debate and exchange--challenge ideas with the goal of making a decision or reaching a conclusion based on scholarly information
  • Create an environment where every team member feels safe to share ideas and ask questions of other team members
  • Hold team members accountable for following through on their commitments
  • Encourage the sharing of knowledge and cross-training whenever practical among group members
  • Develop a process to handle disagreements before conflict arises.”

Quoted from page 50 in Bennett, L. M., Gadlin, H., Marchand, C. (2018). Collaboration and Team Science Field Guide. 2nd edn., National Institutes of Health Publication No. 18-7660, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, United States of America.

This material was written in the context of team science.  Our emphasis is broader.  Therefore we substituted "scholarship" or "research" for "science" in the text.  We left the title of the manuscript quoted as Team Science so it can be found.